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We hire independent taxi contractors. This means you must have your own vehicle and insurance. The vehicle must not be older than ten years. Look nice and clean and appealing to ride in.

Being a taxi driver is a job that only a few can be good at. You must consider these points:

  • Do you like socializing with strangers on the spot?
  • Will you feel uncomfortable when people say or share things that are private to them?
  • Do you see yourself feeling uncomfortable when driving a drunk customer?
  • Can you leave home or any other place in an instance notice to pick up a customer?
  • Are you a defensive driver?
  • Can you get up early for an am appointment?

There are good things about being a taxi driver to:

  • Quick and good money
  • Not a very physical demanding job (except for luggage loading)
  • Outdoor job
  • You can make good friends as a cab driver
  • Time off when needed
  • Right to refusal of work without loosing employment
  • Take vacation time whenever you want

The type of person we are looking for must have these things and qualities:

  2. Must have a GPS. Cell phone apps ones are just not good enough
  3. Professional looking and well groomed.

Transporting customers is a demanding job. Quality drivers have “drive” and have a desire to please people. Ambition is also a good trait. A stay home person, who is not the main bread winner and whose kids are old enough to stay home alone is our preference.

 Presentation is everything here in Idaho Falls Cab. New drivers will have to abide by our OAC three points of presentation standards:

OAC points of presentation

  • Odor
  • Appearance
  • Contact


Some customers may leave strong odors behind, because of their lifestyle or job. In order to keep the cab fresh for the next customer you must:

  1. Roll down windows and ventilate
  2. wipe down seats
  3. spray an antibacterial perfumed mist

Car mats can get filled with mud and dirt over time and cause a constant bad odor. So clean them at least twice during the winter.


First impressions can make or brake your tip

  1. Clean car in and out as needed (even if you gotta use a toothbrush to get in between the cracks)
  2. Avoid clutter in the trunk and inside (personal stuff like clothes, books, food, etc)
  3. The way you appear is most significant


Customers will react well if the way the vehicle feels is nice, clean and smooth. Any surface the customer may come in contact with their hands must be wiped down. Specially after a smoker client or a sick client.


As a cab driver for Idaho Falls Cab, you have lots of expenses:

  • Mechanical work
  • Oil changes and other fluids
  • Tires
  • Cleaning and other costs
  • Insurance

The amount of spending can add up and really bite some times. For this reason cab drivers keep ALL THE MONEY THEY MAKE. That’s right! You don’t have to keep track of miles or fill out tedious paper work every week.

I want my cab drivers to be happy and motivated. If you want to help with a little advertisement here and there it will be well appreciated. So if you have the willingness to do all these things you read and have the upfront moneys to start, you are welcome to call me for an interview.

Paul Andrews, Owner